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A holistic way to improving your health.

Ozone Therapy has been clinically proven to assist in the healing of most medical conditions.

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Why Ozone?

Oxygen and Ozone Hyperthermia Therapy at The Ozone Pod

The Importance of Oxygen

Healthy cells require oxygen (O2) which is the single most important nutrient to the body...

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South African Oncolytic Virotherapy Partner to GVCC

We are the first South Africans to be accredited and certified as Virotherapy Practitioners and Prescribing Doctors.

Oncolytic virotherapy is an emerging treatment modality which uses replication competent viruses to destroy some cancer cells.

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Ozone Therapy at The Ozone Pod

Sharing is Caring

At your first consultation we will take a complete medical history so that your treatment can be modelled especially for your specific needs.  Records of each treatment will also be mailed to your Doctor for their files.

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Complementary Treatments

Reiki Masters and Aromatherapists

Adjunct and complementary therapies are offered by experts in their field.

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Complementary Products

Antioxidants must be taken when doing Ozone Therapy at The Ozone PodNutrition, Supplementation and Neutraceuticals

We sell NutriliteTM vitamins and supplements as well as Jeunesse anti-ageing products and Mannatech phytonutrients.

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We do not advocate that you stop taking prescription medication.  Consult your doctor prior to taking Ozone Therapy if you are concerned.